Privacy Policy

This APP of our company respect and protect the personal privacy of all service users. In order to offer you more accurate and more personalized service, our company APP will use and reveal your personal information based on the rules of this privacy policy. And our APP will treat these information with high diligency and carefulness. Except the related rules of this privacy policy, our APP will not reveal these information to any third part without your approval in advance. Our APP will update this privacy policy from time to time. When you approve of our APP service using agreement, it will be regarded as you approve of all the contents of this privacy policy. This privacy policy belongs to the necessary part of the using agreement of our APP service.

1.Scope of application
a)When you register our APP account, pls offer your personal register information according to our APP rules.
b)When you use our APP internet service, or you visit our APP platform webpage,our APP will automatically receive and record the information on your explorer and the terminal, including but not limited to your IP address, explorer type, used language, visiting date and time, hard & software feature information and the record of your required webpage and so on.
c)Our APP acquire your personal data through legal methods from our business partner. You acknowledge and agree that the following information is not suitable for use of this privacy policy.
a.The key words information you typed when you use the search service offered by our APP platform.
b.The related data information you released on our APP and collected by our APP, including but not limited to the joined activity, transaction information and evaluate details.
c.The behavior illegal or against to out APP rules, and the measures our APP already done to you.

2.Information usage
a)Our APP will not offer, sell, let out or share your information to any unrelated third part, except that we get your approval in advance, or that this third part together with our APP(including our APP correlative companies) offer you service alone or both, and after the service, the third part will be prohibited to visit all the information including those could be visited just previously.
b)Our APP will also not approve that any third part collect , edit, sell or spread free your personal information with any method. If any our APP user is found to undertake the above activity, our APP has the right to end the service agreement at once with this user.
c)With the purpose of serving users, our APP may offer you information which you are interested in through your personal information, including but not limited to sending you our product and service information, or share your information with our APP cooperation partner so that they can send you the product and service information(the latter situation need your approval in advance.)

3.Information disclosure
In the following circumstances, our APP will disclose all or part of your personal information based on your personal will or related legal provisions:
a) disclose your information to a third party after your permission in advance;
b) in order to offer the products and service you required, must share your information with a third party;
c) according to related legal provisions, requests from administrative or judicial organizations, disclose your information to a third party or administrative and judicial organizations;
d) if you violate Chinese related laws or disobey the service agreement with our APP, need to disclose the information to a third party;
e) if you are a qualified complainant for intellectual property rights and already raised a complaint,your information will be disclosed to the defendant according to his request, for dealing with the possible disputes conveniently;
f) in any transaction on our company's APP platform, if either party of the transaction fulfill or partly fulfill the transaction obligation and request for information disclosure, our APP has the right to decide to offer the requester the necessary information of the other party such as contact information, in order to help finish the transaction or settle the dispute.
g) other kinds of reasonable disclosure based on laws, provisions or website policies.

4.Information storage and exchange
Our company's APP collect your information and data, save it on our APP's server or related company's server, this information and data will be sent to your country, area, or outside of the location our APP collect this data, and be visited, saved and present there.

5.Use of Cookie
a) in the case that you do not reject to accept cookies, our APP will set or use cookies on your terminal, for your easily access or use our APP platform service or functions based on cookies. Our APP use cookies and offer you better customized service, including promotion service.
b) you have the right to choose accept or reject cookies. You can reject cookies by modifying settings of your browser. But if you choose to reject cookies, you may cannot login in our APP or use our APP's internet service and functions based on cookies.
c) information got from cookies of our APP will be applied to this policy.

6.Information safety
a) our APP account has safety protection function, please keep your ID and password carefully. Our APP will take some safety measures such as encryption of your password to ensure your information not missing, be used or changed. Although we have the safety measures as above, please note that there is no "perfect safety measure" on the information network.
b) when doing transaction online through our APP network, you cannot avoid to disclose your personal information to the counterparty, such as contact information or post address. Please keep carefully your information and offer to others in real necessary cases. If you find your personal information leaked, especially our APP's account ID and password, please contact APP customer service immediately, so our APP can take proper measures to help you.